Allied Tech Supply will make your custom product to your design and your specifications with material that is ideally suited for your application. At ATS custom injection molding of advanced ceramics is our only business and providing you with your solution is our primary focus.

Allied Tech Supply has combined in-house feedstock production and world-class tooling capabilities to create a unique ability to provide you with the ideal solution to your problem.

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Advantage #1: In-house Feedstock Production

ATS engineers have been producing feedstock for ceramic injection molding for nearly 20 years. In those years we have produced dozens of different feedstock to supply our customers with the right material. Tell us your application and if you have not chosen a material ATS can help you choose one. The advantages of producing our own feedstock include:

  1. Ultimate control over the production and quality of the feedstock.
  2. The ability to provide the best material for your product.
  3. The ability to alter or customize commonly found materials to better suit your requirements.
  4. The ability to make feedstock and your product from your own proprietary powders if so desired.
  5. The ability to produce unique composites of materials that result in the optimum characteristics for your product.

A short list of some of more common materials available include high purity alumina, partially stabilized zirconia, aluminum nitride, and boron carbide.

Advantage #2: In-house Tooling Capabilities

Most injection molders will tell you that tooling is the most critical element to successfully producing acceptable, functional products cost effectively and quickly. Not all machine shops can produce tooling for injection molding. Every tool is a unique machine that must operate consistently over many thousands of shots. That fact, combined with the special requirements of powder injection molding, limit the tool shops that are capable of making high quality molds.

In 2005 ATS partnered with EverFab, Inc. to service a wider range of markets and product development levels. EverFab has world class machining capabilities and years of experience producing high quality tools for injection molding. Since 2005 EverFab has provided ATS with most of its tooling: much of which could not have been made at conventional mold shops. Even more impressive have been the cases where the product required extreme tolerance control. These cases usually meant the mold needed a unique component that pushed the envelope of machining capabilities but EverFab always rose to the occasion. EverFab’s unmatched capabilities’ has allowed ATS to produce parts that were once thought impossible. Some examples of our extreme tolerance control include:

  1. ID to OD alignments of less than 12um.
  2. Hole-to-hole spacing accuracy of less than 25um.
  3. Feature size accuracy of less than 5um

These are only a few of the many impressive achievements in tooling innovation by EverFab. Our partnership with EverFab has greatly expanded our ability to produce some of the most challenging advanced ceramic parts ever made by injection molding.

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