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We hope these images will give you a better idea as to the possibilities with injection molding of advanced ceramics at ATS. Some of the images illustrate unique hole-shapes possible at ATS including a chevron, a rectangle, and a trilobe. Some of the images illustrate unique materials available at ATS including black zirconia, fibers and whiskers. Some of the images illustrate the level of complexity ATS is capable of producing including holes counts of 3, 6, or 164. There are parts that weigh .015 grams and others that weigh 300 grams. The possibilities are endless.

You may have noticed some of these images on other pages of our web site but there are others that are exclusive to this gallery. We have included a brief explanation of the part below each image.

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Ultra High Purity Alumina Sleeve with 2.3mm Wall! Silicon Carbide Test Bar Polished to .05um Finish! High Purity Alumina Spinneret with 164 Holes As-Molded!
High Purity Zirconia Bearing Polished to .025um Finish! High Purity Alumina Bushing As-Molded! Silicon Carbide Bushing As-Molded!
Connecting Rod SiC Whisker Preform As-Molded! Variety of Materials Micromolded at ATS! Partsweb
Smaller High Purity Zirconia Bearing Polished to .025um Finish! As-Molded Chevron Hole in Alumina! Piston Cap SiC Fiber Preform As-Molded!
ID/OD Alignment of < 13um As-Molded in Aluminum Nitride! Rectangular Hole As-Molded in Alumina! Trilobe Hole As-Molded in Alumina!
Holes 125um and 175um As-Molded in Black Zirconia! Hole 125um As-Molded in Alumina! Hole 125um with 12um Wall
Zirconia Applicator with Ground Tip & Laser Marked! As-Molded Alumina Insulator with 6 - 400um Holes As-Molded Optoelectric Connector with ID/OD alignment of < 3um