Materials and Their Properties

ATS offers a virtually endless variety of advanced materials for injection molding.

The tabs on the left represent advanced materials that have been injection molded by ATS. It is by no means an exhaustive list but it includes some of the many materials we have used to successfully solve our customers’ needs. Please use the tabs to the left to learn more about some of our materials by clicking on the corresponding tab. If you are looking for a material that is not listed please give us a call or click the link below to contact us.

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Alumina - Aluminum Oxide (Al₂O₃)

Grades Available from ATS:

High purity alumina (99.7% pure) – white, pink, blue

High purity fine grain alumina (99.7%) – white

Ultra high purity high strength alumina (99.9%) - white

Various sizes of high purity alumina preforms for MMC’s - white

Various sizes of refractory grade alumina preforms for MMC’s - white

Various grades of alumina fiber preforms for MMC’s - white

Considerations: the most commonly used advanced ceramic for structural applications, very versatile material, can be easily colored but normally white, available in very high purity grades.

Key Properties: very hard, very strong under compression, high maximum use temperature, very good corrosion resistance, low electrical conductivity, low thermal conductivity, very stable at high temperatures.

Typical Applications: extrusion dies, synthetic fiber dies, electrical insulators, kiln furniture, spacers, nozzles, bushings, washers, valve seats, sensor housings, textile wear components, bearings, milling media.

Zirconia - Zirconium Oxide (ZrO₂)

Grades Available from ATS:

TZP zirconia (Y₂O₃ aid) – white and black

PSZ zirconia (MgO aid) - white

TZP zirconia ESD (Y₂O₃ aid) – white and black

High strength TZP zirconia (Y₂O₃ aid) – tan and black

High strength TZP zirconia ESD (Y₂O₃ aid) – tan and black

Refractory grade zirconia – yellow

Consideration: excellent surface finish as-fired, most commonly used advanced ceramic, very well characterized, excellent mechanical properties.

Key Properties: very high bending strength, very high maximum use temperature, very high fracture toughness, very low thermal conductivity.

Typical Applications: bearings, textile wear components, valve components, extrusion dies, blades, pick-n-place tips, punches, washers, nozzles, fiber optic connectors, roll guides, solid oxide fuel cell components, grinding media, dental implants.

Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

Grades Available from ATS:

High purity aluminum nitride (Y₂O₃ aid) – off white

High purity aluminum nitride (CaO aid) – off white

Considerations: very high purity grades of raw powder readily available.

Key Properties: very high thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulations, very good resistance to molten salts, low thermal expansion.

Typical Applications: high wattage electrical housings, heat sinks, opto-electronic components, chip carriers, high wattage bushings and insulators.

Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA)

Grades Available from ATS:

Grade 85 (85% alumina, 15% zirconia)

Grade 75 (75% alumina, 25% zirconia)

Consideration: Considerable increase in strength and toughness over standard alumina, custom grades are available, can be easily colored but is normally white.

Key Properties: very good mechanical properties, good wear resistance, high temperature stability, excellent corrosion resistance.

Typical Applications: Bearing components (balls, rollers and raceways), Bushings, die and cutting tool inserts (replacing carbide and metal), Valve seats, pump components.