Tooling Options

ATS provides numerous tooling options to meet your time and budget constraints including the highest quality production molds, critical component modules, or machining of “green” molded stock for low volume prototypes.

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More about Tooling Options

ATS recognizes the need for different tooling options depending on your volume and resources. Whether you are venturing with a new application or simply changing suppliers, we have the tooling option to suit your situation.

Machining for Sampling

Machining “green” molded stock gives ATS a unique ability to provide you with five and up to five hundred samples of advanced ceramic parts to your specification without the investment in tooling. Our partners EverFab are experts in machining “green” ceramic stock and have invested in equipment specifically for the machining of advanced ceramics. If you are not ready to invest in tooling but need functional parts for testing then “green machining” may be the route for you.

Low Volume Prototype Tooling

ATS also provides the option of investing in relatively inexpensive tooling designed for low volume molding that will produce an advanced ceramic part to your specification. This provides the option of producing functional molded samples to your specification with the minimum investment in tooling and time. The low volume tooling is designed to produce hundreds and up to thousands of parts per year.

High Volume Prototype Tooling

In some cases it is also possible to invest in high volume, production tool components and insert those components in an ATS mold base. This allows you to forego a large portion of the high volume production tooling cost while still getting moderate volumes of functional molded advanced ceramic parts. Your tool components will be made from the highest quality steels and can be moved to your own mold base when you are ready for high volumes. These components are design to produce tens of thousands and up to hundreds of thousands of parts per year.

High Volume Production Tooling

In this case you are ready to invest in high volume production tooling from the start. That includes the critical components that produce your molded advanced ceramic part and the production mold base which will function on our high volume equipment. This high volume production tooling is designed to produce hundreds of thousands of parts per years for years to come.

     Whatever your situation ATS is prepared with a tooling option to fit your exact requirements. Give us a call or use the link above to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions!