Tooling and Tool Component Policy

Payment Terms

Terms for new tooling or new tool components (tooling) is 50% with purchase order and 50% when the tooling is received at Allied Tech Supply (ATS) unless specified otherwise on our quote. All transactions for tooling will be conducted directly with ATS. Any tool shops utilized during the construction of the tooling will not be disclosed and the selection of any tool shop remains the sole discretion of ATS.

Ownership & Possession

Any tooling paid for in full is owned by whoever paid for it and it will not be used for any purpose other than its original intention. However, due to proprietary designs and construction, the tooling cannot be removed from the ATS facility. All tooling designs and concepts are owned by ATS and, therefore, all drawings related to tooling cannot be shared. If, for whatever reason, the owner wants to eliminate the tooling they are welcome to witness its destruction at our Alpharetta facility.

Repair, Maintenance & Modifications

Repairs related to normal wear and tear are the responsibility of the owner of the tool. Any repairs related to accidental damage during use are the responsibility of ATS.

Routine maintenance of tooling is the responsibility of ATS and will be conducted as part of a regular maintenance program.

Modifications related to the functioning of a tool are the responsibility of ATS. Modification related to design changes and/or specification changes is the responsibility of the owner.