We have your ceramic solution!

ATS injection molds precise ceramic components that last longer than steel and cost less than those produced by conventional methods. ATS produces its own feedstock from hundreds of different advanced ceramics and has world-class tooling capabilities second to none. That's the ATS Advantage™!

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Why Allied Tech Supply?

ATS will make your custom product to your design and your specifications with material that is ideally suited for your application at a price that cannot be matched with conventional processes.

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Why Injection Molding?

Allied Tech Supply’s injection molding of advanced ceramics provides a very consistent, cost effective way to produce advanced ceramics to your specifications without costly machining.

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Why Advanced Ceramic?

Advanced ceramics are some of the hardest, highest wear resistant, strongest materials available today. That makes advanced ceramics the ideal solution for many of the 21st century’s demanding applications.

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Latest News

  • ATS molding 50um holes in advanced ceramics

    ATS, LLC now molds 50um holes in advanced ceramics. This image is a 50 um exit hole in an as-molded nozzle from high-purity partially-stabilized zirconia and is being done on a routine basis. These hole sizes provide manufacturers with higher resolutions and speeds. Machining these holes would be very difficult and very costly if possible at all.

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At ATS there are two particular things that allow us to provide unmatched precision and consistency: producing our own feedstock and creating our own critical-to-function tool components. Click the link below to learn more about “The ATS Advantage™”

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ATS offers a virtually endless variety of advanced materials for injection molding. Whether you need a more common advanced ceramic like alumina and zirconia or other materials like aluminum nitride, together we can find the material that best suits your needs.

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ATS provides numerous tooling options to meet your needs including the highest quality production molds, critical component modules, or machining of “green” molded stock for low volume prototype requirements. Click the link below for a detailed description of all your tooling options.

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ATS specializes in injection molding of small, high precision advanced ceramic parts. In particular, small parts with small holes. Over the years ATS has developed unique tooling components and processing techniques that allow us to produce high performance products with very tight geometric tolerances. Please click the link below to see specifics about our capabilities.

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We at ATS believe the phrase "made in the USA" still means something today. We are proud to be wholly owned and operated in the USA and make every effort to use qualified vendors in the USA. Please click the link below to find out more about the advantages of doing business with a USA company.

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Today’s world of specialization demand materials that are designed specifically for your application. ATS’s unique ability to produce its own advanced ceramic feedstock also allow for the combination of materials to produce a large variety of composites.

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Knowledge. Innovation.

We have been servicing OEM's with advanced ceramics from Allied Tech Supply for many years and we have been very pleased with their knowledge, innovation, and commitment to excellence. ATS's advanced ceramics and expertise has been the solution time after time.

Alan Everett - Advanced Nozzle Technology
President and CEO


Highly Responsive. Knowledgeable.

It has been a pleasure to work with Allied Tech Supply, LLC for years: highly responsive, knowledgeable and highly professional in all aspects of business from design stage to deliveries!

High Volume Laser Accessories Manufacturer
reference available on request

Consistent Quality. On-time Delivery.

It’s been over ten years since our first production product was delivered by ATS and made its’ way into the hands of our first anxious customer. That customer is still with us today, thanks in part to the consistent quality and on time delivery that ATS has provided our organization over the years. Flexible delivery schedules, consistent in-specification product, and technical expertise keep us from even considering the pursuit of an ‘off shore’ supplier.

Robert Brooks, Focii Technology

Ceramic Solutions

At Allied Tech Supply, we combine the superior performance of advanced ceramic materials with processes that keep a tighter control on tolerances and dimensional variations to create a product that is durable, reliable, and more accurate than results from traditional processes.

Previously, the high hardness and electrical resistance of ceramic materials meant that they could only be machined by expensive diamond grinding, which rarely produced the precision required for the high-tech application of these materials in the market.

The unique characteristics of ATS’s Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) process make it well suited for producing high precision components with superior mechanical properties, as well as a wide variety of electrical and thermal properties, while gaining the cost advantages of a high volume net-shape forming process. This process also reaps all the benefits of advanced ceramics, such as superior heat and corrosion resistance, while significantly cutting down on density variations and distortion that occur in other ceramic forming processes.